Technology in the home means something more everyday. We use technology for communication, shopping, entertainment, business, research, and anything else for which we can find a program or App.  And the list grows larger daily

Families are now fully engaged in the mobile world, computing can be done anywhere and everywhere, and the Internet of Things (IoT) brings us devices which are smart enough to sense our presence, listen to and fulfill our requests, and even inform us when we need to buy more milk.

In other words, the lines between our every-day world, technology, and the internet are blurred or completely absent.  The technology we use needs to be connected, protected, and running flawlessly, or disruptions occur.

Getting everything set up correctly and working perfectly together can be a challenge, Why settle for half way there when our in home tech services will ensure everything is working together as intended.  Call us at 847-826-0322 to make an appointment today, and we’ll get your technology in line.


Getting everything connected and up and running perfectly can be a challenge. And using our technology efficiently and to their fullest can be a daunting task.  All too often we wait until things get intolerably slow or broken before we get it fixed, or just replace it with something new, just to start over.  That expensive cycle can often be substituted with the assistance of an expert who takes the time to understand what you’d like to accomplish and prepares your technology to serve your present and future needs, sharing insights to make your experience more fulfilled and enjoyable.


Internet Security has become an increasingly demanding concern with the many Internet-borne threats we all face today.  Email can be a conduit to the underworld, who make huge profits from our valuable information if given a chance.  And intrusive viruses and spyware can damage our data or share our secrets if we let them. Also, ransomware has plagued more people every day, holding their hard work and memories hostage. Each of these threats has their means of doing their job, and the ways to watch out and protect yourself varies significantly.

Since most infections happen because of an email or web click on an infected object or visiting an unprotected site, gaining insight of what to look for and what to do is largely based on using the best way to prevent an infection or worse.  Computer Nirvana takes cyber-security seriously and keeps you informed on how to stay safe when new threats come to the forefront and things you can do to increase your confidence when emailing and using the web.

The takeaway is that mindfulness to recognize these traps and security programs to recognize and stop them is essential. So is maintaining good automated backups.  Computer Nirvana will guide you to safer computing and prepare your self-defense to make your experience safer, more informed and assured.

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It’s hard to get through the day without news of a computer infection disabling a large institution or threatening the public at large. Sometimes we fall prey to them as well, and then things start misbehaving, or worse.  It’s important to eliminate those threats as soon as possible for the same reasons you don’t want a thief wandering freely in your home.

Computer Nirvana is committed to the thorough elimination of internet threats and well-versed in the evolving threat landscape. In other words, we will confirm the infection and minimize the damage and get you back to a safe place quickly.

Your internet safety relies heavily on good software protection, a good understanding of internet security, and a well-protected network. We will ensure these things so you can approach the internet with the confidence and knowledge to stay safe online.

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Accessing the internet requires a network, So does connecting the devices in your home. The ways we access our network are many, and the number of choices we have varies widely in form, function, price, and capability. With so many options and so much depending on a reliable network and robust internet access, using the wrong equipment or improper setup could lead to wasted money and a network that doesn’t serve you well, or leaves you unprotected from outside threats.

Wireless networks have become the default method for connecting to the internet for many.  Laptops, many desktop computers, smart devices, printers, security devices, and an endless array of IoT devices all over your home make wireless a way of life.  With such a revolution in wireless, we are confronted by questions of what to use and how to use it to get the best connectivity, performance, and protection. Computer Nirvana’s knowledge and experience with networking and wireless will help you get the most out of your wired and wireless networks safely and securely.

Don’t accept a network that underperforms or worse, let’s crooks or strangers freeload or wander freely to take whatever they want from you.  Call Computer Nirvana today at 847-826-0322, or drop us a line here, and get the most out of your home network, safely and securely.

We enjoy getting new equipment, but don’t always know what exactly to do to prepare it for optimal use. Whether it’s a desktop PC, a Mac, a laptop, or any other computing device, there are often questions or issues that arise.  Also, with new equipment, there are often new software and operating systems that need to be introduced, so they aren’t a hurdle to use comfortably. Having an expert available will help you make the most from your new investment.

Usually, people who purchase new computers wish to have them prepared, so they have the same data, features, and custom preparations with which they are familiar.  An expert can prepare your new equipment so you are immediately familiar with the new system, confidently and productively.

We are also always glad to help you select the right computer and software for your needs if you considering a new system or replacement for an old one. We will always recommend computers or other equipment considering your lifestyle, plans, and preferences.  In short, we want you to be thrilled with your new equipment.

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When we purchase our computers, we plan to keep them for years.  After all, they aren’t free, and over time we prepare them to serve our daily lives.  But over time the computer starts to slow down, programs don’t work as they used to, or little things that were a mildly annoying start to become intolerably exasperating.  It’s time for a tune-up.

A tune-up could mean simply finding and eliminating an issue or two that is dragging down the whole system, or a simple system change or upgrade that breathes new life into an aging system or both. Often new years of service can be had from a computer for a fraction of the cost of a new system. You'll be amazed at how well your computer can perform.

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Data and computer backups are the difference between a minor inconvenience and a disaster.

An automatic backup that saves your information will ensure that your information is available in the event of a disruption. Backups are protection against anything that may disrupt or damage your information, including device failure, infections, data corruption, or data loss, for any reason

There are many ways to back up your computer and data, and each has its specific purposes and methods, strengths and weaknesses. Ensuring a backup is set up right, and working could mean either the backup works or doesn’t work if it’s needed. Computer Nirvana will help you determine the best options for your specific needs, and set up your backup, so it’s available when you need it.

There are many types of backups, and each has its way of doing things.  Computer Nirvana is well-versed in the different ways to back up your computer and your data, the purpose for each, and how to correctly set up automatic backups using each method,

And if there is a data loss with no backup, there are still usually ways to recover your information.  Computer Nirvana can often recover your information even your computer won’t start, And If there is physical damage to the disk, your data can likely be recovered by a data recovery service that partners with Computer Nirvana at a very competitive cost.  We’ll manage the entire process for you, and get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Contact us today at 847-826-0322 to be sure you're using a proper backup plan, and avoiding the disruption or loss of any of your valuable data.

Technology means something more every day. and there are ever-increasing ways things stop doing what is expected of them.  Computers, routers printers, smart devices around the home and anything we rely upon daily can stop working at any time. This can be inconvenient at best, or very problematic and consequential if immediate access to the device is needed – and the longer it’s down, the worse it gets.

Knowing you have an expert to timely solve those problems can provide both peace of mind and confidence you can get things done without these complications hampering your day.  And if the issues are more serious, there are often ways to keep your productivity up while the problems are being addressed.  Our goal is to keep your up and running and reduce your downtime to the minimum.

Computer Nirvana is well-versed in technology of all sorts, how they work, and how they break. If there’s ever the problem, we will take a systematic approach to identify and correct the root cause, and identify ways to detect and prevent future problems before they happen.

Our computer troubleshooting and repair experts get things back in action fast, and our many years of experience helps us to provide insightful solutions and ways to ensure increased availability of your computers, networks, printers, smart devices, entertainment systems, and many other things you depend on to be working when you need them.

If you need troubleshooting at home, call Computer Nirvana today at 847-826-0322 to keep your technology running well when you need it.

You want to access many of the same things on your computer, phone, tablet, and any other device capable of internet access, whether it be e-mail, contacts, pictures or files IoT device reporting, or anything else that needs to accessed from multiple devices. But keeping all of your devices synchronized can be challenging and frustrating. And as new devices join the fray, they can further complicate keeping everything in sync. Computer Nirvana will help you navigate the cloud with much more ease and help you stay connected.

Computer Nirvana will help you keep your devices communicating with each other and synchronizing the information you want to share among multiple devices.


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Why waste time feeling challenged while using your software, computer, phone, tablet, entertainment system or any other technology? Computer Nirvana can set things up correctly for your needs, and provide you with the training and guidance to better understand and utilize your technology for better performance, confidence and greater satisfaction.

It's amazing how important it can be to understand better how to get the most out of your software and technology investment. It is said that little bit of knowledge can make a big difference. That can seldom be truer than better understanding the tools and software you use every day.  If you want help using your computer at home, contact us for some answers.

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