Computer Nirvana has extensive experience and insight into the integration of technology and business in customer-serving industries. This decade has brought an intensive focus on network security. And in this time of unease, Computer Nirvana is committed to guiding clients to an understanding, and their safest environment possible.


iStock_000006487615_FullTechnology investment by businesses holds a much larger role than even a few years ago, and that role continues to increase year over year.   In addition, mobile technology is now the norm for everyday business, and the ways it is employed expands at a rapid rate. Data security has leaped into the forefront of our concerns in light of the alarming increase in data breaches, infections and other types of internet-born threats. This quickly changing landscape creates a challenge for controlling the ways business systems are maintained, and how data is accessed, stored, protected, shared and communicated. Computer Nirvana understands how to navigate these challenges to ensure your precious business information is safe and protected.




Computer Nirvana will take the time to understand your business and the directions and goals to which your business is headed. Our customized approach to supporting your business will help your business reach your goals quicker with the confidence that your IT Investments are serving your business growth.


The availability and performance of your computers, database systems, networks and data stores can make or break your company.

The IT professionals of Computer Nirvana have the experience to help when you need it most—

  • When technology problems threaten to derail you and your team
  • When productivity is down because your system is down— or just not running as well as it should be
  • When you have an emergency
  • When you need to ensure you have a good a system backup or need data recovery

Computer Nirvana will help you select and prepare the right equipment for you, and maintain your equipment and software to suit your business’ needs. Our goal is to provide the best value for your business from your IT investment. Additional services in this area:

  • Prepare new equipment for service.
  • Migrate server and computer data as needed.
  • Install and setup business software.
  • Act as liaison for hardware/software vendors.
  • Hardware and Software license management.

Your network represents the communication backbone of your business.  When a network goes down, vital customer communication is severely hampered, employees cannot access the information or resources necessary to do business, essential web-based applications become unavailable, and the business slows to a crawl.

Your network is built with multiple parts, from ISPs and hosting companies to your firewalls and routers, switches, access points, cabling, connectors and adapters. Every part needs to be set up and coordinated correctly to get the best and most reliable service from your network investment.

Computer Nirvana will ensure your entire network is set up best for your business and promptly troubleshoot any part that is not.

If your information gets into the wrong hands, the legal and financial ramifications can be devastating. The meaning of business security has evolved over the past several years. When it comes to protecting your business and its information, your security framework and settings are your 24x7 protection.

Computer Nirvana will evaluate your security framework and establish a baseline, noting where your business data actually lies, and the ways the information can and should be accessed.  We will then recommend steps to mitigate risk by firming up computer and network defenses, and processes to eliminate or severely reduce exposure of business data.  In short, with Computer Nirvana’s help, you can be confident that your business information will stay out of the hands of your competitors or criminal organizations who would gladly sell your information to the highest bidder.

HIPAA pays a large role in how business and client data is accessed and protected.   Computer Nirvana are experts in implementation of HIPAA guidelines and requirements, and can lead your business to HIPAA compliance if your business requires it.

Troubleshooting means timely and responsive support when things aren’t working right.  Computer Nirvana is always just a phone call away when you need us.   We take your reliance on your technology seriously, and respond quickly to bring your business back into peak performance.

Acting quickly on issues is always a part of doing business, but proactive monitoring can reduce those issues greatly with alerts generated and broadcast to monitoring systems we manage.  Whether it’s on-site or remote support or 24x7 remote monitoring, we will respond to many issues before you even know they exist.

Preventative maintenance will reduce incidences requiring troubleshooting by proactively and periodically evaluating business systems, keeping equipment and software up to date and patched, and verifying vital processes are running faithfully and on schedule.  If adjustments are needed they can be made before they can cause trouble. Prevention is much better (and less expensive) than cure.

Backup of your business data can be the difference between an inconvenience and a disaster, if your data becomes unavailable for any reason. In addition, business data now resides not only on business computers and servers, but also on mobile devices such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets, and transportable media like CD’s DVDs flash drives and external storage devices.   Having a plan to protect and backup all that information can be a complex and daunting task, bringing a lot of elements into play.

Computer Nirvana understands the need to prepare for all possibilities because in the world of business, anything can happen, including loss or damage to your precious business data, no matter where it is stored.  We are well versed in the world of local, cloud-based and end-point data protection and backup, and can prepare your company for all data loss or damage possibilities, no matter where your business data resides.

All too often business personnel are tasked with maintaining the company’s IT infrastructure in addition to the positions for which they were hired, simply because they are enthusiasts or are comfortable with computers.  The increasing role of technology in business is progressively ill-suited for amateurs who don’t possess the time or knowledge to adequately maintain, protect and secure the business’ technology investments and information.   This calls for professional technology experts to partner with the business to maintain well running and securely protected business operations.

Computer Nirvana is such an expert organization. With our experience and knowledge, we will keep your business systems running at full capacity, and protected from loss and exploitation by unexpected circumstances and elements from internet.

Learn what other businesses have learned from the professionals of Computer Nirvana.

  • stay protected from internet threats and cybercrime
  • improve computer, server and network performance
  • increase productivity
  • lower maintenance costs and total cost of ownership
  • be prepared for all forms of data loss or damage

Computer Nirvana’s Service Plan Options*

  • Per incident support OR
  • 24/7 monitoring with remote diagnosis and maintenance OR
  • Scheduled maintenance package OR
  • A combination of services customized for you

*Ask about our flexible service plan with reduced hourly rates.