network and wireless setup



Accessing the internet requires a network, So does connecting the devices in your home. The ways we access our network are many, and the number of choices we have varies widely in form, function, price, and capability. With so many options and so much depending on a reliable network and robust internet access, using the wrong equipment or improper setup could lead to wasted money and a network that doesn’t serve you well, or leaves you unprotected from outside threats.

Wireless networks have become the default method for connecting to the internet for many.  Laptops, many desktop computers, smart devices, printers, security devices, and an endless array of IoT devices all over your home make wireless a way of life.  With such a revolution in wireless, we are confronted by questions of what to use and how to use it to get the best connectivity, performance, and protection. Computer Nirvana’s knowledge and experience with networking and wireless will help you get the most out of your wired and wireless networks safely and securely.

Don’t accept a network that underperforms or worse, let’s crooks or strangers freeload or wander freely to take whatever they want from you.  Call Computer Nirvana today at 847-826-0322, or drop us a line here, and get the most out of your home network, safely and