Internet Security


Internet Security has become an increasingly demanding concern with the many Internet-borne threats we all face today.  Email can be a conduit to the underworld, who make huge profits from our valuable information if given a chance.  And intrusive viruses and spyware can damage our data or share our secrets if we let them. Also, ransomware has plagued more people every day, holding their hard work and memories hostage. Each of these threats has their means of doing their job, and the ways to watch out and protect yourself varies significantly.

Since most infections happen because of an email or web click on an infected object or visiting an unprotected site, gaining insight of what to look for and what to do is largely based on using the best way to prevent an infection or worse.  Computer Nirvana takes cyber-security seriously and keeps you informed on how to stay safe when new threats come to the forefront and things you can do to increase your confidence when emailing and using the web.

The takeaway is that mindfulness to recognize these traps and security programs to recognize and stop them is essential. So is maintaining good automated backups.  Computer Nirvana will guide you to safer computing and prepare your self-defense to make your experience safer, more informed and assured.

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