Why use Computer Nirvana?

First and foremost, Computer Nirvana is dedicated to providing the best quality customer service possible at a competitive price.  We have had many years of experience providing top-notch customer service in different customer serving industries. This allows us to provide superior experience for its customers. We stand behind our work, and will ensure objectives are satisfied completely.

Where are your services available?

Primarily, Computer Nirvana serves Chicago’s north side and northwest suburban areas; however, we can handle service visits for those located in other communities within the Chicago metro area.

Are there any special offers?

Yes, for our first visit to a new client, a 10% discount is offered covering labor costs for that visit. In addition, if you refer Computer Nirvana to a new client, and Computer Nirvana provides services to that new client, another 10% discount will be offered to the referring client on labor costs for the next visit.

Are service contracts available?

Yes, service contracts are available for both residential and business customers. These flexible service contracts can offer our services at a discounted price per hour, while still ensuring your technology investment is well maintained.