Keep it Clean

All computers gather unnecessary bulk.  The kind of junk they gather are temporary files, unremoved trash, unneeded work files, cookies, lists and other files gathered by programs and the operating system, clipboard contents, and many other types of files.  These files can reach many thousands and collectively they can take up enormous amounts of space. …
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Mesh-Networks for the Home

Mesh-networks (multiple units working together to offer one or more wireless networks) have been used in business and industrial settings for a long time. But now there are many choices available to provide similar technology for homes to provide excellent WiFi throughout the entire space. In other words, the days of poorly performing WiFi “Extenders”…
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Ergonomics, and Why It Matters

Webster’s definition for ergonomics reads “an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely.”* Since we interact with so many things throughout the day at work, at home and about, the more we mindfully and comfortably arrange and use these things can…
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