Natural Disasters and your Business

One thing to be gained from the recent barrage of hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires and other natural disasters is the knowledge that if caught off guard, there can be real trouble. Disaster can strike at any time, and there aren’t always warnings.  It doesn’t have to be an event that makes the national news. Events like tornados,…
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The Cloud (PT. 1) What is it, and where is it going?

  I asked a friend about their data storage needs, and they told me they kept it all in Google, meaning Google Drive, a cloud file storage service.  When I then asked them about which applications they use, and they said Google Apps, a cloud application service.  I’m not pushing Google. Google doesn’t need a…
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Email Security (PT. 2)

Following last month’s writing on Email Security, also available here, this month I am introducing methods you can use to ensure your email is approved and protected, and ways to evaluate a link or object before you click it. ENCRYPTION Email is a digital transmission of information from one place or device to another through…
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